Prepare for your Shoot!

First things, first. We need to set up your photo shoot date. Please text or email us to set up
your shoot. 434.420.4356. email:

The day of your photoshoot will be a busy day. Before your shoot, here are some things that I suggest:

* Please make sure that your nails are clean and fresh. I love french manicures.

* I suggest that you have your hair done in a way that you love. Please bring hair supplies in case you would like to change your look throughout the shoot. I can provide a hair stylist for a fee.

* Please bring 5-10 outfits with you to your shoot.  Of course, we will not be using them all. I will help you choose what will look best for your photos. You are welcome to buy new items to bring, with the tags still on. Then if they are not used during your shoot, you can return them to the store if you decide not to keep them.

* Bring accessories: hats, scarfs, jewelry, etc.

* Bring various shoes. I know that flats are popular right now, but high heels are much better for photos, making you look taller and leaner. High heeled boots are also encouraged.

* I ask that you include dresses and/or skirts when selecting clothes to bring... please bring at least one.

* You may want to take a moment to decide if you would like to get a spray tan sometime before your photo shoot.

* If you opt for our makeup artist:  I will provide a makeup artist for your shoot. Her goal is to help you look like the best version of yourself, so don’t worry about her going too crazy. We want you to look like you in your photos. Please come fresh faced to your shoot: Clean and moisturized.

After Your Shoot

After your photo shoot, I will cull and edit your photos
for a beautiful finished product. About two to four weeks after your shoot, we will
meet to show you the results and you and your parent(s) will pick out your favorites and make orders at this meeting or I will send you a link to your gallery where you and your family can pick your favorites and make your orders. You  can share this link with friends and family so they can make orders too.

Expect to see some of your photos pop up on Facebook and/or Instagram.. Please tag yourself. You are welcome to also tag your friends and family and share on your page. You can make any of them your profile picture, but please put a link to my website or facebook page, so your friends and family can find me.

I will contact you as soon as your order is ready and schedule a time/place where I can hand deliver them right to you! Or you can pay a postage fee to have your order delivered to you via mail.

Contact Info

Text me (please don't call) at 434.420.4356 (please include your name with your text message)

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